Adform Harrod Hort (Harrod Horticultural)-
Garden Shopping Category Link Table

Harrod Horticultural's ( Adform Harrod Hort ) commitment to quality is impressive, design innovation, variety and above all, customer service is what they're about.

I have used their products (and still do) for a variety of tasks around my vegetable garden so I have no hesitation in recommending their services to discerning gardeners who are looking for quality and sustainability.

Harrod Horticultural is a division of Harrod UK Limited, founded in 1954 by their present Chairman Ron Harrod.

"Our reputation for product design and development is second to none. In fact Harrod UK sports equipment is today extensively used in all major sporting venues including the Millennium Stadium and all Premier League football clubs. Plus in 2002 Harrod UK became the official suppliers of sports equipment to the Manchester Commonwealth Games, extending our reputation worldwide."

Harrod Horticultural has the same unique commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that has always been at the heart of our business. So when you buy their products you can buy with confidence.

Below you will find a table of contents linking you to the various categories within the Harrod Horticultural website.

Happy shopping!

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High Quality Fruit and Vegetable Cages For Effective Crop Protection...

Raised Bed Gardening - A Selection of Elegant, Robust Timber Raised Beds...

Garden Netting - Essential Part of the Grow Your Own Gardener's Arsenal...

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