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Burpee seeds is the place to begin your search for big discounts on your vegetable gardening needs.

April is the month where many gardening and vegetable growing enthusiasts love to begin sowing flower and vegetable seeds that are able to cope with the still-cool conditions.

It therefore sure makes sense to get those seeds and plants now because companies like Burpee seeds have amazing money saving offers, but you have to act fast as they are time sensitive and usually end after a few days.

To make it worth your while, plan what other flowers and vegetables you intend to grow during the season - I know, if your like me, you probably have more crops planned than you need. Hey! that's what it's all about, right! Get these plants and seeds at cheaper prices too.

Examples of vegetable plants for sowing during April - weather permitting


Choose a summer variety and start sowing cabbage seeds during March for a summer crop.

Brussels Sprouts

Seed of an early variety can be sown during March for harvesting October to November.


Begin sowing Radish seed in April and for successive harvests, sow every few weeks.


Sow Spinach seeds every few weeks from the middle of March to the end of May you'll be picking it's nutrient rich leaves from late May until October.

So why wait any longer, I've already started sowing seeds and the first one's are beginning to push their little green heads up through the compost.

Starting a new vegetable growing season is an exciting time - full of hopeof new life, new beginnings... and BIG harvests of course.

Visit Burpee seeds now so you can spend less or get more for your money - I wish for you a fantastic growing season of great harvests and increased knowledge...