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A directory of discount gardening suppliers, a utilities supplier (don't miss this one - shop at hundreds of partner shops like Sainsburys, B&Q, Homebase, Boots etc. and get 3-7% deducted from your utlities bill) who offer savings to our friends and visitors who shop online is what you will find on these pages.

Over time it will grow into a valuable resource where you will be able to choose from a number of gardening suppliers - vegetable seeds, plants, equipment and tools.

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A vegetable planting guide for bigger crops...

Sick of putting in long hours and love into your vegetable gardening, only for nasty pests and diseases to destroy your crop before you can harvest it.!

...What can you do?

You don't want to poison your soil (or family) with nasty pest control chemicals, do you?

I suggest you check out Annette Welsford's new ebook set "Companion Planting and Natural Pest Control for Veggies".

The first book "Companion Planting for Veggies" uncovers the secret socialising behaviour of plants.  You'll be amazed at what's going on in your garden!

By paying attention to the plants that do well together, as well as those that don't like one another, you will find that you are able to grow a much wider variety of plants in your veggie patch.

Companion Planting

The second ebook "How to Control Pests Using Natural Remedies" is jam packed with loads of useful advice on controlling vegetable garden pests naturally.  It covers things like...

  • 7 preventative strategies you need to be doing right now to discourage pests.
  • The 11 "must have" plants which will attract the "good" predatory insects into your garden.
  • 5 completely natural products you can purchase commercially. These are the ones used by many organic and bio-dynamic farmers.
  • 50 remedies and recipes you can make yourself at home to rid your garden of 25 common pests.

I really like this set as the info is comprehensive and it's beautifully illustrated, and it's unbelievably cheap.  You can find out more about whats included here... 

"Companion Planting For Veggies"

Banish chemicals from your garden....

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