Growing vegetables In a Small Space

by Harrod Horticultural

Growing Vegetables On The Patio

Growing Vegetables On The Patio

Growing Vegetables On The Patio
Vegetable Raised Bed Table
Manger Vegetable Growing Raised Bed
Corner Raised Garden Bed For Planting Vegetables

Growing Vegetables in Your Small Spaces...

The popularity of growing vegetables and fruit that you've planted yourself is soaring, but what if you can't get an allotment or there isn't enough space for growing herbs and vegetables in your garden for you to grow-your-own?

Wouldn't it be great if some of that space above the ground could be used in some way for growing vegetables. I'm sure you're already using pots and containers in your small garden spaces but growing vegetables vertically - that's something else!

Actually, it's not! Remember in your geography lessons at school, or maybe you've seen it on tv. Steep hillsides that appear impossible for growing vegetables are escavated into terraces where growing fresh vegetables could then take place.

Relax! We're not advocating you find a steep hillside to move on to and give yourself backache - those 'hillside terraces' can become a feature on your own patio or small garden space in the shape of Vegetable Garden Frames.

Harrod Horticultural has an impressive range of patio growing systems and raised bed tables, all designed for growing vegetables and fresh fruit within easy reach of your back door! Growing vegetables in containers and on your patio has plenty of benefits:

  • 1. No nasty soil-borne diseases to contend with.

  • 2. It's low maintenance for those of us in a hurry.

  • 3. With the soil elevated off the floor - no worrying about slugs/snails attacking crops.

... Not to mention how much easier growing vegetables is in our Raised Bed Tables, Manger Planter and Vegetable Garden Frames is on your back!

By the way! - we're a very handy bunch of people here at Harrod Horticultural all our raised garden beds are exclusively designed and manufactured in-house... yes! we are bragging ;0)

Growing Vegetables - Growing Up!

If you can't grow out, grow up - no!... not you!
A-Frame For Growing Vegetables
Our Vegetable Garden Frames will help you do just that with planting a vegetable garden in your small garden spaces, as both the A-Frame
Vegetable Garden (almost 2m² of growing space - wow!) and Ladder Vegetable Garden (nearly 1m²) give big returns from your small spaces.

Both these exciting patio growing systems are made from FSC high pressure treated timber and feature jumbo 28 litre growing trays, which can be sown with seed in a greenhouse before transporting to the frame for growing on.

With a raft of optional extras available, including an irrigation kit, seed trays, propagating lids and capillary matting inserts, you really can raise growing vegetables to a new level!

Click and Purchase Your Growing Vegetables A-Frame Raised Bed Here

Growing Vegetables - table!

Gardeners pushed for space and time will love growing organic vegetables in our Raised Bed Tables; they bring all the plus points of raised bed gardening to your patio along with a comfortable and natural working height, making growing vegetables a painless task in all regards!

We've elevated our Standard and Superior Raised Bed designs a full 74cm(29") off the ground, allowing you to grow vegetables and tend your crops without bending or stooping, and with slugs and snails looking up enviously.

Of course they're no only admiring your temptingly fresh growing vegetables and herbs but also our 60cm(24") x 1.2m(48") rectangular or 1.2m(48") square top quality, FSC accredited timber beds.

Remember too, our raised bed vegetable garden right on your patio is available in a wide range of depths - you'll be growing the best vegetables... and they'll be happy too!

Click and Purchase Your Growing Vegetables Raised Table Bed Here

Growing Vegetables - Baby Carrots in a Manger!

It's not only baby carrots you can successfully grow in one of our Manger Raised Planters! We've overcome one of the major stumbling blocks of growing deep rooted vegetables in a raised bed vegetable garden, the depth of soil.

This productive and attractive, 79cm(31") high manger-shaped planter is 45cm(18") deep in the centre, ample for growing carrots, parsnips and even potatoes.

Plant fast growing vegetables like salads and shallow rooting crops around the sides and you've got a mix of all the staple nutritious vegetables growing right by your back door at a height that's easy to maintain.

Manufactured from 2cm(3/4") thick FSC approved timber and carrying the reassurance of a 5-year structural guarantee, you'll be able to raise generation after generation of fresh nutritious vegetables!

Click and Purchase Your Growing Vegetables Manger Raised Planter Here

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