Worm Composting - The Business And Biology
Of Raising Compost Worms

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Do you want to SAVE MONEY and avoid unnecessary disappointment when getting started with your new worm farming hobby? Are you interested in starting a small home based business from your worm farming interests?

If you're serious about:

  • Helping the environment by disposing of your organic waste in a more environmentally friendly manner...
  • Increasing the growth rate of your plants & vegetables with fresh worm compost and worm tea...
  • Having a continuous supply of live worms on demand for fishing or to use as pet food for your fish and reptiles...
  • Or are looking to turn your current worm farming interests into a profitable additional income...

...then here's exactly what "The Business & Biology of Raising Earthworms" will teach you...

The five most commonly used worms for worm compost. Not all earthworms can be utilized for successful vermiculture. Decide which breeding stock are most suited to your individual needs; whether you wish to take advantage of the worm by-products such as worm compost, or are more interested in maintaining a wormery to have a year round supply of fishing worms.

worm composting

Worms need the correct bedding to thrive in. You'll discover what makes the perfect bedding material, the types of everyday material you can use with great success and what you need to avoid. You'll also be shown how to prepare your bedding to ensure it provides your worm composter with ideal conditions for maximum worm farming.

Discover exactly what you can and can't feed your worms and how to prepare their feed correctly. Organic waste materials make for a wide selection of no-cost food, but some food types can poison your compost worms and sour your worm bin. You'll learn exactly what you should be feeding your worms and what you need to avoid at all costs.

If your amtitious or entrepreneurial then here's how you can turn your hobby into a second income - much needed in todays poor economic outlook. There are over 40 different potential markets to sell your compost worms and worm by-products to. You'll learn about each of these markets, why the are in need of what YOU can supply them with (and are prepared to pay you excellent money for), and how to reach these markets using no cost and low cost marketing techniques.

And much, much more... This worm composting manual is the most comprehensive and up to date guide for productive and successful worm farming for the foreseeable future!

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  • Introduction

    About This Manual
    A Brief History of Worm Farming
  • Part 1 - Worm Farming Basics

    The Worms
    General Earthworm Biology
    Moisture, Chemical & Light Sensitivity
    Digestion & Nutrition
    Worm Species
    Additional Thoughts About Worms
  • Requirements

    Food and Bedding
    Carbon-Rich Materials
    Nitrogen-Rich Materials
    Other Factors (pH and Light)
  • Other Organisms

    Pests - Predators/Parasites/Disease
  • Worm Farming Systems

    Homemade Worm Bins
    Commercial Worm Bins
    Setting Up a Worm Bin

    Homemade Systems
    Mid-Scale Commercial Systems

    Worm Beds
    Flow-through Reactors
  • Worm Farming Equipment

    Tractors / Loaders / Forklifts
    Shredders / Pulverizers
    Harvesters / Trommel Screens
    Irrigation Equipment
    Other Equipment
  • Part 2 - Worm Farming As A Business

    Can I Make Money With Worms?
    Important Considerations
    Creating a Business Plan
    Exploring Possible Markets
    Buy-Back Contracts
    Worm Farming Success Stories
    Closing Thought

Click for more information and to download this ebook immediately to start worm composting...