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Hi A New, Cool Application For You On My Site...
January 01, 2009

"Starting A Vegetable Garden! Share Experiences - Build A Page On My
Website Today"


Are you starting a vegetable garden? Share your successes and challenges with the world.

Did you know that your experiences and insights of planning, starting and then working on your dream of a vegetable garden are valuable to 1000's of others all over the world that are looking for helpful information?

Not only that...

Get yourself known on the internet and let your friends, family and associates see your endeavours - get all your family involved and children too!


I have introduced a new application to the "Vegetable Garden Guide" website - a New Years present to my visitors.

My Own Web Page

Here is where you can create your own page, send a photo and have it uploaded with your own web address which you can email to anyone who wants to view it. It's so simple.

Not only that, but others will be able to leave helpful comments and/or tips - I view all submissions before uploading them to the internet so this means only relevant positive material is delivered.

Update your page regularly with new comments and photos.

Don't hesitate - go and start your page now and pass this mailing to friends.

Happy New Year

Last but not least - let me wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year, a year to look ahead to in spite of the doom and gloomers.

Yes I know you may be one of those affected but staying positive and taking action will beat the socks of those who dwell negatively on their circumstances.

We are very fortunate to be living in a world that is so connected, there has never been a time with more opportunities to make multiple income streams on the internet - whilst working from home.

And the thing is...

You don't need to know much about how to - let me show you where to go for a step by step guide to success, the same people who inspired me to make this successful vegetable growing website:

Beating The Recession

Take some time now and look over the information there, then consider if you could turn your passion or specialist knowledge into an income stream - make 2009 your "Independence Day"... I am confident you can.

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