Start Growing Your Very
Own Vegetable Garden Now!

Imagine....a vegetable garden in your own back yard! Ideal for picking perfectly ripe, perfectly delicious tomatoes without having to wonder what chemicals went into growing them.

.....or picking runner beans, plump and ready for eating, fresh off the vine for dinner.

Starting seeds - brussels sprout seed germinating

Imagine....all the ingredients for a salad at hand and ready when you are - without the expense of buying them at the supermarket.

Laurence Ireland in vegetable garden

I turned my dream into reality as you can see from the pictures on this page. With just a small-ish growing area I and my family enjoyed many varieties of deliciously fresh produce.

We weren't self sufficient but by setting aside a small area in my back yard as a place for planting vegetables, we were able to appreciate what fresh really meant.

Vegetable gardening guide

My Vegetable Garden - The Inspiration

Ros, my wife, is the inspiration behind my creating our veg patch. she is such a great cook, turning all our produce into wonderful salads, roasts and soups - to mention but a few.

So don't let anything get in your way - you too....

....can have your very own harvest festivities by developing your own vegetable growing plan - it's not that difficult.

Laurence and onions

Creating an area in your garden where you can grow your own vegetables pays off with big benefits:

  • Healthy nutritious food added to your families diet.
  • Gardening burns off twice as many calories as a brisk walk.
  • People who 'grow their own' report more satisfaction with life.
  • use no or fewer pesticides - your in control.
  • And more...

Raised bed vegetable gardening.

OK, so your convinced! Growing veggies is the wisest way to promote health and happiness for yourself and your family.

But you're not sure where to start!

I'll hold your hand - as long as it's not too dirty - guiding you around the veg patch, using articles to educate, pictures for identification and gardening video demonstrations to back up easy to follow how-to advice, including:

  • Vegetable gardening and design.
  • Soil Quality and improvement.
  • A-Z of vegetable plants.
  • Pest control.
  • Composting.
  • Raised vegetable beds

And so much more....

From tomatoes to hybrid runner beans, from cabbages to courgettes, I will help you identify and care for the best plants for your plot....

I'll share nutritional information, recipes, planting advice and more to help you become an expert yourself.

From planning through to harvesting and beyond....

I aim to bring you the best, most solid information with my vegetable garden guide so that you and your family can enjoy all the benefits that come from fresh, natural, wholesome food and the joy of gardening in your own back yard.

So what are you waiting for....let`s get growing!

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