Dan's Best Future Garden Layout

by Daniel James Duheaume

This Is Me In My Garden

This Is Me In My Garden

Before you read, understand - this story is about my dreams for the future when I get a garden with my dad and my sister.

The first thing I did was make a bed for my plants to sleep in.

I started by going to a DIY store to get all the equipment. The gardening tools I bought were 2 spades, 1 shovel, 1 fork, 1 small wheelbarrow and 1 claw.

I bought 15 bags of garden compost and 2 small poly tunnels, and as I was still in the store I got 16 slabs and 8 stumps with 1 hammer and 1 box of nails. I also purchased 1 pair of gloves, with 20 hanging baskets.

On the way home I stopped off at the garden centre to get some carrot seeds, cabbage plants, tomato seeds and loads more other things for planting. I spotted some really nice plants which came home with me too.

When I added all this up it had cost me £350.99.

When I arrived home the first thing I did was get everything ready and started by making 2 beds for my plants, which took over 2 hours to complete.

I added the 15 bags of compost to the bed which didn't take long so I decided to put my 2 small poly tunnels up.

It was now the turn of my plants and vegetables which I put into the garden beds and labelled them straight away.

By evening I had finished and I was very happy with what I had done today.


This type of story is a first for me Dan.

I have uploaded your contribution because it is a great example for us all that we should all have a dreams for future success and to relate them in the present tense.

Keep hold of those dreams and make them bigger Dan, I wish you every success possible in achieving them, I am certain you will. Well done.


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You Gotta Dream
by: Anonymous

Hope your dreams all become a reality.

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