Growing My First F1 White Flower Broccoli

by M. Gamble
(Warton Preston)

White Winter Broccoli

White Winter Broccoli

Hello Lol and all gardeners...

I have just found an old photo of my first success at growing from F1 seeds - white flowered broccoli.

I had an allotment 40 years ago and after growing some potatoes to clear the ground of weeds I wanted to grow some greens. I chose several F1 seeds and was very interested in growing some white flowering Broccoli (this grows through winter and looks exactly like cauliflower and tastes better).

The broccoli seeds were planted and left to grow, I think it was around August time. To my supprise all the vegetable seeds germinated in my seed tray and I had up to 100 broccoli plants growing. I would be giving some plants away from this amount.

As the plants began to grow I looked for some planting space and decided to plant the broccoli in between my rows of potatoes, these would be lifted soon, and I thought the broccoli would be bedded in when I lifted the potatoes.

I did harvest my first potatoes (an enormous amount as I recall) and in the deep space between the potatoes, I planted the broccoli.

Now winter came and went and I worked hard doing all the winter gardening things and all was well. Unfortunately I was ill in late March and early April and I was away from the garden for some weeks.

When I eventually went to my allotment I was greeted by some hellos and cheers from some of the gardeners who were on there plots. I thought this was nice of them to welcome me back to gardening, and I nearly walked past my allotment because I did not recognise it, it was all green (full of Broccoli). I went to check on them and was amazed at their size, as were the other gardeners.

I attach my old photo (including very young daughter) showing my very very large plants, approx 7lbs. 8oz

What a great start to gardening and I am still as as keen as ever.

At this time I cannot find any white Broccoli but they must be out there some place for me to have another go.

All my best wishes to you all.

Mike Gamble

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More info
by: Mike

Thank you Lol I did not expect you to comment.

I have discovered that the Broccoli were in fact winter Cauliflower's, there are quite a lot of them which flower from January through to May.

A Good Lesson Here...
by: Anonymous

Hi Mike,

What a great story from memory lane.

It just demonstrates that sometimes we can over-do the attention we give to our veggie plants.

Be it over watering or trying to eradicate every suspicious bug that wanders onto a plant. You did a great job with those broccoli plants by not doing much at all - my kind of veg growing ;0).

Will there be an up-to-date veg growing triumph.

Not anonymous - From Laurence

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