Growing Tomatoes In My Greenhouse

by John
(Potters Bar)

Growing Tomatoes in Early September 2015

Growing Tomatoes in Early September 2015

I grew my tomatoes using the method described on the website ( this year.

Preparing greenhouse soil, hole in underside of growbag, using a planting ring, planting tomatoes in growbags and filling ring when plant was tall enough to encourage more feeding roots from the stem.

I have had amazing results. The best tomatoe crop in years! I've been growing tomatoes for about 25 years in total!

I had a nasty few caterpillars eat away some leaves but this was soon taken care of.... It was around early June and I found out it was a type of moth that loves tomato leaves.

A small frog took delight in making me jump when he leapt out during watering! But he took care of the slugs!

I would say that two plants per bag worked, but I will investigate how much grow bag soil was left root free.... I might try three plants next year....Amazing results and still more to ripen..... First tomatoes picked mid July and still picking!

Thanks for the advice!

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Reply From The Webmaster...
by: Laurence

Hi John,

Thank you for sharing!

I'm so pleased for you and your success. It gives me a real delight to know others are getting a real benefit from what I share from my own experiences of trial and error...

I choose to plant two tomato plants per bag to give enough room for air to circulate. But that's a personal choice, it would be interesting to know the results of three plants per bag should you go ahead.

I wish you all success for next years crop!


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