Help Needed Growing
Brussels Sprouts...

by Martha
(North Georgia - USA)

I need help with growing Brussels Sprouts.

I planted these on a whim knowing nothing about them and think I've missed something... like harvest time?

They've been through our February snow/ice storm and look like they're flowering now but I've yet to see a sprout that looked anything like what I remember seeing at the Farmer's Market.

Have I missed the boat?


Hi Martha

Are those flower stalks coming from the leaf joints of the plant? If so, this is where the sprout buttons would form and it may be that the brussels sprout plants have 'bolted' instead, which means that they have rushed to produce seed instead of the sprouts.

This may have happened because the plants were planted at the wrong time of year (you don't say when these brussels sprout plants where planted out) or they have suffered too much stress - lack of water, poor soil conditions, extreme weather etc.

But whatever the reason there wont be a harvest so pull them up and put them on your compost heap Martha.

Follow the advice given on the following web page and good luck for next time.

How To Grow Brussels Sprouts

Maybe some of our visitors could through some light on this enigma - just comment on the form below and Martha will be eternally grateful.

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Brussels Sprouts...

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Brussels Sprouts Not Producing
by: Anonymousanne

Brussels Sprouts forming at base of leaves. Flower head forming at growing tip. Do I pinch it out?

The flowers begin to grow at the end of the plants growing season. They will begin to appear from the fresh growth at the top of the plants, this fresh growth we refer to as 'greens'. These are to be welcomed as an extra bonus before removing the old plants from the plot. Pick these delicious greens before the yellow flowers appear and cook them.

Brussels Sprouts, What Sprouts?
by: Anonymous

Planted Brussels Sprouts last May, never saw a single sprout, now full of yellow flowers. Still, looks like the caterpillars enjoy them.

From Laurence:
Growing Brussels Sprouts needs a little preparation. Dig in well composted manure during winter months. Let the frosts break the soil down, rake into a fine tilth in spring and if not too wet, compress the soil by walking over the surface then rake again - they like a firm bed to grow in. Cover with a sprinkling of general fertiliser. Grow seeds in a seed tray transplant into pots then again into the open bed when about 4-6 inches tall. Plant them deeper into the ground than they where in the pots. You will need to protect from cabbage white butterflies - caterpillars. and cabbage root fly. Good luck.

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