My Vegetable Garden - Success Or Potential Mess

by Sonia

Wow! All This Is Mine

Wow! All This Is Mine

A local farmer has very kindly loaned us a part of his garden for us to plant a vegetable garden, free of charge in return for fresh vegetables.

This was only done in the last six weeks, so unfortunately we were not able to prepare the soil as well as we wanted. We have dug it over and rotovated it, raked and applied chicken manure in the places that needed.

The soil itself is well drained and nothing has ever grown there before - thats good right?

I have never planted a vegetable garden before and I have to say I am loving it already. I can't grow enough but I do have to remember not to be too eager and plant everything under the sun.

One bed is completely full of growing potatoes - earlies, mids and lates. In the second bed I'm growing carrots, garlic, onions, red onions, radish and lettuce (please someone tell me if this is right or wrong). The third bed has cherry tomatoes, peas and nothing else yet as this Lancashire weather has made it difficult to plant anything else.

There are four beds in all and I am hoping to grow brussel sprouts, cabbage and cauliflowers.

All this has been from seed. As this is my first time I am hoping for an abundance of fresh garden vegetables before long (that is obviously the amateur speaking in me). It is very much trial and error.

I have cauliflower seeds planted in peat pots in my greenhouse and they are growing like mad am not sure about thinning out any advice? There are about 10 in each pot and all thriving. The next couple of months should tell a story, so I will continue to monitor and watch the progress - wish me luck - I'm gunna need it!!!

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by: Tom McFadden

Well done and it seems you have everything in order.

One wee tip (as we say in Ireland) always remember to plant carrots between onion sets to restrict the risk of carrot fly.

One more thing, don't forget to rotate the crops. As someone who was reared on a farm I know the score.

So Far So Good
by: me

My garden has come up trumps, all the veg grew so well.

Some new things that I have learned to plant deeper and thinning out.

Carrots looked like they came from another world but tasted good.

A few of my cauliflowers bolted as I left them too long.

Sweetcorn was great.

Am already planting winter veg. This is so good, and I hope to continue through next spring and summer.

Your Vegetable Garden - Success
by: Anne

Why not add cucumbers, courgettes (zucchini) and melons? So far your garden has a lot of yumminess about it.

Keep it up!

by: Bluebird

I am so excited! Thank you for letting us share your discoveries....

Envy Comes In A Shade Of Green Too...
by: Laurence

I think your doing a fantastic job Sonia. Having all that growing area `on tap` makes us all very envious...

But we wish you all the best and your enthusiasm will definitely win you through.

Keep us updated.

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