The Good Life

by Paul
(Merthyr Tydfil)

Cauliflowers In Bed With Crocuses

Cauliflowers In Bed With Crocuses

Thought I'd just give this a go.

I live in a terraced house and my back garden is in constant shade so all I had there was a patio. I do have a front garden which is very small, about 15ftx7ft so I thought I might try growing vegetables there.

Anyway, I cleared all the grass and weeds out which had overgrown for years and dug the ground (took some doing). I bought a few growbags and dug them in along with bonemeal etc.

At this point I thought I was probably going to feed the new weeds and wasn't that optimistic. I have some tubs and prepared them for radishes, into the ground went leeks, spinach, carrots and peas.

I had the usual banter off the neighbours (look! Tom Good bethere).

As the season went on I started growing other veg plants (cauliflowers went in ). But I still mixed it up with various flowers for some colour. The garden looked great, vegetables growing everywhere in such a small space - everyone was talking about my garden.

The icing on the cake for me was when two old biddies started arguing outside my garden about which one was having the big cauliflower (lol - not nasty arguing).

That was last year.

This year I have new potatoes in and some cauliflowers. I'm going to plant some dwarf runner beans and onions, I have had rhubarb already (forced), strawberries and goodness knows what else! I have also put in between my cauliflowers, and are due out now, snowdrops and crocuses etc. Again, the garden looks great.

It is amazing what can be done in such a small space and I love it. Admittedly the picture isn't the best but it does show the cauliflowers and crocuses together. I will get a better picture of the garden later on in the month if anyone's interested.

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by: Anonymous

Nice story.


Any More Companion Planting Tips For Pest Control???
by: Paul

I will try the marigolds, sage & oregano this year....any more companion tips???

Determination Always Wins Through Paul
by: Anonymous

A great contribution Paul.

It's obvious you are proud of your efforts and rightly so.

Try companion planting with plants that repel pests like french marigolds to repel aphids, carrot root fly. Oregano repels cabbage white butterflies. Sage repels cabbage moth, flee beetles and slugs.

Well done


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