Vegetable Garden Plan

by Hannah Taunton
(Somerset, Taunton)

Filling The Outside Garden Bed With Soil.

Filling The Outside Garden Bed With Soil.

I attend college and I am in PW1 and go to the HTC.

I like gardening because I like planting things. We have lots of safe equipment to use so that we don't hurt ourselves. You have to be careful.

At HTC we plant out and grow vegetables like potatoes, onions and peas. There are lots of gardening tools we have to use like spades and goggles which are kept in a shed. Tea and coffee are important at our break times so we have a little kitchen where we make our drinks.

We wear toecap boots, safety gloves, goggles, helmets and overalls when we need to so that we don't hurt ourselves.

We built raised planting beds so that we don't have to bend down and I covered it with compost to make it look nice.

When we first started on the site it was empty so we had to build lots of features.

When we first arrive at HTC we have talks on what to do and then some of us can go and fill the kettle for the coffee/tea and hot chocolate.

There is a lot of instruction on health and safety practices so that we work safely.

The work can be very hard.


Well done Hannah, you look like you're a born vegetable grower.

In the coming months I presume you will be learning how to grow tomatoes in the poly tunnels - and I trust you're going to be there long enough to enjoy harvesting your tomatoes and tasting them.

I hope you keep growing vegetables when you graduate.

Well done!


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