Five Winter Garden Jobs

by Martina
(York, England)

Five Jobs Still to do in the Winter Garden

Five winter garden jobs that will give your spring start a boost. Temperatures may be falling rapidly and many gardeners maybe loving the rest from the endless digging and weeding however some green fingered types cannot live without a few hours in the garden each day. For those that love the fresh outdoors whatever the weather they are still a few jobs to do that will keep a keen gardener warm and active.

1. Dig over the Vegetable Patch

The vegetable patch is at its peak now, with weeds disappearing and nothing new growing. Preparing spare beds before the snow falls will ensure a tidy start to the New Year for some plug plant action. This may be the last time it is possible to dig because as soon as the frost hits it’ll take a superman of a spade to crack the frozen soil, so it’s best to make the most of this down time now.

2. Give tools some TLC

As most tools will be stored carefully for the winter, now is the time to spend a little effort making sure they are in the best possible condition. Remove all dirt with a hose pipe, using wire brushes to enter the cracks and then dry thoroughly, and if rust has appeared there are a myriad of formulas on the market that promise to banish it instantly. To prevent more rust forming it is best to add a protective coat such as lubrication oil, not only will this keep joints supple it will also act as a barrier for moisture and keep the tools dry.

3. Organise the Shed

With the rush of summer, only the thoroughly organised will have a tidy shed. It’s time to take advantage of the peace and quiet and organise all belongings. Adding shelving will bring most items from the floor, and hopefully keep them dry. Fixing doors will ensure the shed is draft free, whilst placing hook to hang tools on will ensure that any moisture drips off and doesn’t cause items to rust.

4. Plan

The seed catalogues that have been speeding through the door all summer now look like a cosy invitation to settle in front of the log fire and read at leisure. There are so many new plants arriving by the month that now is a great time to catch up on garden fashion. Execute a good plan for the following year. Decide which vegetables were most popular and which went to waste, and vow to only grow what is needed in future. Pick out some striking border plants to compliment the garden and add a touch of the exotic for when those long summer nights return.

5. Compost

The compost heap should be an impressive size right now, and if it is needed for spring sowings or to dig into the vegetable patch before the frosts now is a good time to think about a compost accelerator. There are organic products on the market as well as lime, or simply covering with polythene to heat up the pile and generate the warmth that is needed for rapid decomposition of leaf mulch or organic kitchen waste.

This was a guest post by Martina Mercer. Martina does not like instant gardens and so finds plug plants amongst other things ideal.

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