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Are you a vegetable gardener, Nursery/Garden Center owner, writer, website owner etc - then submit an article to be seen by our many thousands of unique visitors. Get exposure, become famous even write more than one article.

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Write about you're passion, what's on your mind - relating to vegetable growing and the industry, that is! - be informative, give advice, be controversial - but don't get personal(there are laws against this). ;0)

Don't 'spam' in the article - if you are representing a business, are a professional writer or whatever, you can write a short 'Biography' about yourself or business at the end of the article with the appropriate link.

Add as a link to your website if you have one. Not necessary, would be appreciated.

Make it original - I use Copyscape.

Whilst VGG promises not to contact you when an article is submitted (apart from what the system generates in acknowledgements), it's a good idea to send me an email letting me know who sent which article to make sure it is presented as you would like it and maybe suggest ways of enhancing it.

Remember you can add up to four related photos with your submission - even a 'mug' shot.

Not bothered about Search Engine Optimisation? - just submit an article.

Read on for max exposure - few simple advisory guidelines to help.

Example submission:

Use the form below, be creative to showcase your article. Use one keyword (research it for good demand ie searches and low-ish supply ie competition) for the focus of your articles content, use it twice in your content - along with other related keywords or synonyms. Work in related keywords once.

Keyword Example.

Main Keyword.
'food storage container'

Related Keywords - use once.
'food storage canisters, food storage containers, food storage boxes, stackable food storage containers, organic food storage, etc'

On the form where you enter the 'Title' - remember this will become:

  • 1. The webpages title (name in the blue bar at the top of your window).

  • 2. The first keyword listed in the Header's 'Meta Name = Keywords'.

  • 3. Pages Headline.

  • 4. Become part of the web pages url ex. - the 'XXXXX' would be taken from the 'Title'.

Ensure that your pages main content keyword is at the beginning when entering text into the form's 'Title' box.

The 'Meta Name = Description' in your pages Header will consist of the first sentence or two of your body copy so you will want to ensure your main keyword is entered within the first 90 characters of your body text below the headline.

Search engines like this.

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